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Stomp Rocket -3 Stunt Planes

Stomp Rocket -3 Stunt Planes

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The ultimate, high-flying Stomp Rocket experience!

Built sturdier than ever, this powerful launcher uses a simple air pump and a tube connected to a launching stand to send one of three rockets flying fast into the air with just one stomp.

But these aren't just any rockets. Designed with sturdy wings and fins, these rockets actually SOAR through the air like birds on the wind!

Launch the orange rocket to see it glide over 100 feet. Launch the green rocket to see it do a giant loop through the sky. Or, launch the blue rocket for a real air-show experience as it flips, turns, and loops wildly.

As soon as kids see them in action, their creative minds begin to wind up and whir. Try bending the wings to see how it affects their flight. Try aiming the launcher to hit different goals. Or just test how far or how high you can get them to fly!

Durable, easy to set up, and thrillingly open ended, the Stomp Rocket Stunt Planes set is sure to get your kids outside, learning, and exploring for hours on end.