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"This store is a TREASURE!! Find a great mix of classic and modern toys that will give both kids and adults a like joy. Can't forget the yummy candy too!"


"Owners were super friendly. Lots of old school toys and candy. Many fun puzzles. Highly recommended."


"This is the best toy store I've seen... you can buy all the toys you grew up with as a kid and give them to the kids you know. How cool is that? From musical clocks to Lite Brites and beanie babies, this is the stuff of the '80s, '90s, and today. They sell candy, too."


"I've been frequenting this gem of a place for decades since I was a kid; and have taken all my 3 kids thereafter. They have such a great variety of the latest candies and toys; and oldies and goodies too. But most importantly, the experience with their hospitality and friendly customer service  is unparalleled by any other as soon as you enter."